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Emil Sit

Dec 18, 2008 - 1 minute read - Research Technology Thoughts chord dhash dht erlang glacier ringo

Ringo: A DHT in Erlang

Seen via High Scalability, this seems related to my Chord/DHash work – Ringo: Distributed key/value storage for immutable data. A cursory glance at the Erlang source (a language I don’t actually know), suggests that Ringo does simple successor only routing. I think it uses something like Merkle synchronization trees though there are also comments about potentially switching to Bloom filters (a la Glacier). Also, as of this time, no changes to the core Ringo code since May. For the Erlang DHT aficionados, see also CouchDB, which may be a bit more complete, though with a very different API and possibly (last I checked) less focus on resilience.