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Emil Sit

Mar 18, 2010 - 2 minute read - Technology git howto tools

Getting started with Git

Because of our work with the Linux kernel and with Android, we have started using Git more extensively at work, and my colleagues often have questions about how to get things done with Git. While the every-day command lists are helpful, most of the time, people would benefit more from getting a fundamental understanding of how git works. Here is a brief list of useful resources to help achieve that:

For me, the core difficulty is that people have to explicitly think about the history of their code and how they would like to share it with others. Git gives you many options whereas tools like Subversion and Perforce don’t; this plethora of options can make things confusing. In fact, it can lead to very philosophically different approaches for all aspects of your development process, ranging from shared-repository vs integrator to whether or not to merge frequently (yes? or no!). Here are a few useful readings on how people actually can use git:

Once you’re ready for more “tips”, be sure to follow:

For more regularly updated and possibly esoteric resources, check out my git bookmarks on delicious. Do you have some useful resources for getting people started with Git? Leave them in the comments.

Update: Added a link to the Visual Git Reference.