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Emil Sit

Feb 6, 2007 - 2 minute read - Technology customer-service hosting Photography

Excellent customer service from SmugMug

Excellent customer service speaks for itself. SmugMug’s CEO, Don MacAskill gave an interview last month where he said:

We also provide really great customer service, which is sort of unheard of on the net. Not only is it unheard of, it’s almost expected that you get the opposite.

Don is not kidding. Here’s an example of great customer service: in December, a customer and SmugMug community member posted a wedding photo horror story where the paid photographer had failed to meet expectations but was willing to provide the original from-camera images. This customer asked if anyone would be willing to help him try to re-touch and salvage any of the images from his wedding. In three hours, Andy Williams, SmugMug’s in-house pro responded with an offer to manually re-touch the images and comp an initial order of proofs. The work was done in two weeks and completed on New Year’s Day. I find that pretty amazing. Read or skim the thread for yourself.

In addition to excellent customer support, SmugMug is a good feature-rich service. While the perfectionist in me could find things to improve (mostly relating to improving its already very useful access control) I also don’t have to worry about a thing. My images are safe, I can control who can see what and how much, and people who prefer prints to computers can order them, satisfaction guaranteed. Beat that.