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Emil Sit

Mar 16, 2006 - 1 minute read - Hacking hosting

Colophon, Part 2

My new hosting provider is Nearly Free Speech and I am now running .

One benefit of Wordpress over Typo is the maturity of its plugins and regular releases of the software itself. Even without much knowledge of php or Wordpress internals, I think I’ve been able to get my site set up to behave the way I like. I’m using Ultimate Tag Warrior 3 which let me set up the UI side of tags. I wish it were a little easier to specify tags in mtsend which allows me to use vim to edit my posts instead of using the web interface; I guess it wouldn’t be entirely clear how to hook into xmlrpc.php.

I’m thus far very happy with Nearly Free Speech’s hosting. In addition to having more freedom in how I lay out my content (including an entire MySQL process for myself), I have the freedom to manage my own DNS, ssh shell access, and they even make it easy to hook up to a log parsing front-end, awstats.

Now that I have a framework for publishing in order, maybe it’d be time to write something.