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About Emil

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Work #

My job today involves leading engineering organizations. My leadership style prioritizes developing leadership at all levels to facilitate aligned but decentralized execution.

I’ve helped shape the growth of the engineering organization at Toast from ~30 engineers in 2016 to over 500 in 2022. The hypergrowth of the organization involved collaboration with many other leaders to handle:

  • recruiting and evolving recruiting practices
  • defining the career ladder and promotion process
  • the on-call and incident response process
  • defining and iterating on global R&D onboarding and enablement
  • establishing the Dublin office

I have hired or promoted leaders from new graduates to the director / principal engineer level.

Over my career, my teams have built:

  • Internal tooling and training
  • Fintech / Payment Processing services
  • SaaS B2C2B (Sales Enablement products) and B2C (Digital food ordering) products
  • Enterprise infrastructure (virtualization and database solutions)

Find more information on LinkedIn.

Academic Research #

I completed my PhD at MIT’s Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems research group, under Prof. Frans Kaashoek and Prof. Robert T Morris. My research focused on peer-to-peer storage systems, where I was a lead developer of the Chord/DHash distributed hash table.

My interests included practical distributed systems, security, and network measurement.

Music #

I play the piano, with a focus on classical music. I studied at the Manhattan School of Music’s Pre-College Division under Solomon Mikowsky and Robin Freund-Epstein.

Emil Sit
Emil Sit
Emil leads and scales technical organizations. Since 2016, he has been an engineering director at Toast.