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Emil Sit

Emil Sit

I create and lead organizations to deliver outsized impact, while expanding and improving their capabilities. My academic and technical background combines with personal experiences with yoga and classical music to bring a people-centered and tech-aware approach to management that emphasizes incremental improvement.

Recent Writings

Three ways to get better at debugging

·7 mins
Our productivity is often limited by how quickly and effectively we can get better at figuring out what’s going on and moving to a solution. Some suggestions on things to study and how to study them.

4 Lessons for Smoother Technology Migrations

·8 mins
Sooner or later, every technology organization faces a necessary evil—migrations. Make yours go smoothly by understanding the old system well, engaging with all of your stakeholders early, tracking behavioral differences, and being ready to iterate.

Music education versus computer science education

·3 mins
How do we train professional musicians compared to software engineers? Musicians develop an ability to relate theory and history to practice; we should do more in computer science.

On implementing Chord

·3 mins
The Chord protocol dynamically constructs robust and scalable overlay networks that map a given key to an active node. Here are some learnings from implementing and operating Chord networks in the wide area.